My family and I have been using Dr. Geise for several years and have been so pleased with the dental services we receive. It is a welcoming environment from the moment you walk in the door, and the staff and hygienists go above and beyond to create a relaxed experience, even during more complex dental procedures. Dr. Geise provides exceptional, personable care and combines professionalism with genuine concern for his patients. The skill, professional demeanor, and friendliness of the entire office make your dental appointment enjoyable. I would highly recommend Geise Dental for all of your family’s dental needs!
— Lauren S.
I was 22 years old and had never been to the dentist. A year prior, I had a cavity that eroded one of my molars causing the tooth to chip, which was extremely painful and caused me discomfort daily. Dr. Geise reassured me that the fix would be quick, painless, and simple, and indeed it was. Within a week, I could notice the difference- I was pain free! I knew I made the right decision coming to Dr. Geise and now happily recommend him to anyone I meet!
— Adam L.
Dr. Tyler Geise provided all the professionalism and expertise a patient should expect from their dentist. I have personally had four wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Geise, and each visit was a positive experience. Dr. Geise explained the situation and talked me through the process of how he would go about removing the teeth. My situation involved my wisdom teeth growing in at different times and so that lead me to visiting Dr. Geise three times.
— Austin B.
Dr. Geise was very good about making sure I understood the steps for taking care of my mouth after each procedure. He provided me with a couple of materials to start my home care as well as instructions to follow for the following week. By the skill of his work I was fortunate not to have much pain at all after each procedure, and my prescription was not necessary and that is a good indication to me of a successful Procedure.
— Parker C.
Overall, Dr. Geise provides quality care and operates with friendly professionalism. I believe he is up to date on the latest techniques and technology, which provides any patient with confidence any time they are in Dr. Geises’ care.
— Meredith W.
Let me start by saying I previously had bad experiences with my other dentists before coming to Dr. Diane Geise and went there because my relatives said she was great. When I arrived, I was greeted with a friendly smile. When I got called back Dr. Diane was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and patient with me as I had a lot of questions. I had my teeth cleaned and it was quick and easy and I knew this was the place for me. My next visit Dr. Geise removed my molars. Again another great experience. She was funny, well informed, and friendly. I was especially nervous this time since getting molars out is never a good time. The process was quicker than I expected. I actually ate a steak dinner about an hour later after the procedure, even though Dr. Geise advised against it. So basically if you are looking for a great dentist, you need to come here.
— Brian L.
I have been a patient of Dr. Mann, Dr. Geise and their where he and his staff have created an atmosphere of comfort and professionalism that puts me at ease with each visit. I have appreciated the honest assessments by Dr. Mann over the years and have never felt pressured into any dental work that I didn’t feel was absolutely needed. With the warm greeting at the door, to the polite handshake with Dr. Mann at the end of each visit, I know I’m in good hands with this dental team.
— Michael R.
My root canal and crown were done recently by Dr. Tyler Geise at Geise Dental. This could not have been a more pain-free, easy process. I had watched a root canal procedure that my sister-n-law had performed at a different dental place a few weeks earlier and was really dreading my procedure. I was extremely relieved to have my mouth numbed properly and feel nothing uncomfortable during the process. I have yet to have any complications or issues since. All my future dental needs will be taken care of by Geise Dental. Thank you for the friendly, pain-free process!
— Chad B.
I have been seeing Dr. Geise for dental work for the last 3 years. He is very experienced and does excellent work. He has crowned several teeth for me and he is particularly good and takes special care to select the crown shading that matches my teeth. His staff is friendly and professional. The office itself is very organized, clean and modern. The waiting room and each treatment room have a television as a convenience for his patients. I recommend Dr. Geise to family and friends.
— Carol H.
I have been a patient of Dr. Geise for a few years, and had been to several other offices in the past, and this office is easily the best. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. I am warmly welcomed every time I visit the office. My hygienist was very careful and thorough. Dr. Geise and his staff put you at ease through humor, kindness, and are very gentle. My visits to Dr. Geise have always been pain free. I have friends who fear going to the dentist, but I have never had that issue. I feel confident that I have the best smile possible thanks to Dr. Geise and his team. I can not wait to visit again. Thanks Geise Dental!!!!
— George S.
I don’t like going to the dentist, but I do like Dr. Geise. My experience getting a crown was nothing but pleasant. His chair-side manner is calming, and his work is exemplary. The color is a perfect match. I particularly recommend Geise Dental for people who dread a dental appointment. You won’t be disappointed.
— Donna J.
Dr. Mann and Dr. Geise’s staff are professional and friendly. They treat emergencies with the utmost urgency.
— Kathy R.
I have never gone to a better dentist. The doctors and staff are very nice and warm to their patients. I’d go back anytime.
— Barbara K.
I was immediately impressed with Dr. Geise’s professional and pleasant manor and was put completely at ease through the procedure. His excellent work matched his manor.
— James A.
To my favorite dentist, Dr. Geise. Thank you for giving me my smile back! I went in to have my teeth cleaned and to have my permanent retainer wire re-glued. I have never enjoyed going to the dentist but, he has a very professional staff that make you feel comfortable. They are all top of the line professionals, with superb workmanship, artistry, and state of the art equipment. His fees are very reasonable, and affordable for all incomes, and he will work with you. He is very caring, compassionate, and patient with a desire to make his patients happy with their results. I was so satisfied with the results of my dental work, I won’t go to any other dentist.
— Jessica L.
On the first and second visit he extracted only one at a time, but by the time I came in for the third, both bottom wisdom teeth were ready for extraction. He informed me each time that we would numb the area of the tooth very thoroughly first using an injection and then a second time using a gel. It was also very good to know he was providing the most effort he could making sure the pain would be at a minimum. Sure enough the numbing medicine was effective, but was always communicating to me making sure I was still as comfortable as I could be. With in no time he had each tooth extracted without much trouble. I have used this office for dentistry for approximately 15 years. The staff is very prompt and have a great chair-side manner. I have always disliked going to the dentist, but Dr Lewis and his staff always made me feel very comfortable and I am willing to go back regularly.
— Jeff L.
I had great experience! Nisa, the hygienist explained to me everything she was going to do before she did it which made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Lewis thoroughly explained the condition my teeth were in so that I could
understand it. They did a great job!
— Taylor L.
I really appreciate Dr. Lewis’s flexibility and consideration. He went out of his way to schedule an appointment to fit my needs. He also stayed open late to work on a tooth that needed immediate attention. He is the utmost professional.
— Ronnie G.